Bear Steele’s CFO, Diego Puiggari provides financial and cost analysis of government contracts and project bids.  Mr. Puiggari has more than 30 years of banking, finance and treasury system experience with extensive accounting and cash flow experience.  Diego Puiggari received dual bachelor degrees in Business and Economics from Southern Methodist University, as well as a Masters of Business at the University of Texas, Austin.  Early in his corporate finance career, Mr. Puiggari membered several Chapter 11 Steering Committees, and headed the financial & cash flow evaluation of the companies. Mr. Puiggari has spearheaded numerous large infrastructure (Co-generation, electric plants, semiconductor facility, etc.) and commercial projects (golf resorts, hotels, marinas, etc.) and has extensive background in cost and cash flow analysis.  A strong believer in process improvements, Mr. Puiggari is a certified Six Sigma DFFS-Green Belt.