Recent Projects

Operating Room Floors and Walls Upgrade and Renovation

Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, Charleston, SC (2018-2020)

Bear Steele is currently providing construction services to replace flooring and wall protection in 6 Operating Suites which includes replacing the OR flooring with a seamless epoxy floor in all ORs, the support/storage rooms and the clean corridors/scrub sink areas, to install stainless steel wall protection in these same areas, install stainless steel door/frame protection on all OR doubles doors as well as repair and paint damaged areas of existing walls.

Estimated Cost of Construction: $1,295,406.00

Services Performed: Renovation and Construction Services

Upstate – Palmetto Villas Crawl Space Repairs, Spartanburg, SC (2019)

University of South Carolina

Bear Steele provided construction services for crawl space repairs for Palmetto Villas #1 through #6, including the installation of trench drains and sump pumps, moisture barriers, dehumidifier units and foundation vent seals. Complete replacement of under-floor insulation, sub-structural repair, and the extension of existing bathroom ventilation systems were also required to the Palmetto Villas student housing.

Cost of Construction: $185,188.80

Services Performed: Construction Services

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Nationwide Architectural-Engineering Services Contract (2020-2025)

Department of the Interior

Bear Steele Global is a design team partner on a recently awarded Multiple IDIQ Nationwide Contract by the Department of the Interior that supports three interior organizations, DFMC BIA and BIE. The five primary tasks supported under this contract include Site Studies and Assessments, Planning Services, 20% Conceptual Design Services, Quality Assurance/Construction Administration/Commissioning Services, and Other A-E Planning Services. Work is issued by Task Order and can include multiple task areas. Buildings supported by this contract include facilities supporting BIA administrative facilities, BIE facilities including academic, residential and other support buildings, and Office of Justice Services facilities including Court Houses, Detention Centers, and Law Enforcement Centers.

Cost of Construction: Ceiling Price of IDIQ Contract is $45,000,000.00

Services to be Performed: A/E Services and Construction Administration

Task Orders Performed under IDIQ (2020)

Crow Creek Agency Ft. Thompson-Education Buildings 14-02, No. 118, 128, 129, 137, 138, 139, and 150 Demolition Design Project

Located within the Crow Creek Reservation in Fort Thompson, South Dakota, the project is to design the demolition of abandoned education buildings that were used for elementary and middle school classrooms, boarding of students, and vehicle maintenance. The school and its support facilities have been replaced by newer, modern structures. The buildings to be demolished have a total gross area of over 33,000 square feet and include a concrete block permanent structure built in 1950, multiple modular buildings for overflow classrooms, and a prefabricated metal building used for vehicle support. Along with the design, the project requires a Historic American Buildings Survey Report for the main school building to capture the school’s significance historically and culturally. The design will restore the site to an unimproved state including removal of improvements to 5 feet below grade.

Estimated Cost of Construction: $730,000.00

Services Performed: A/E Services

Rosebud Agency, Building No. 1004 Roof Replacement, Mission, South Dakota

The Building No. 1004 Environmental Remediation and Reroof Design Project will provide a design to reroof a building housing both Rosebud Agency and Rosebud Sioux tribal offices. The building was once a dormitory for male students and changed to an administrative facility over the years. The project includes analyzing the existing roof, removing and transporting hazardous roofing products, and designing a new roofing system to replace the old roof. The building was constructed in 1964 and has both flat and pitched rolled tar shingle roofing material covering approximately 33,483 square feet. The design requirement includes evaluating multiple roofing material types that can withstand the climate extremes associated with the area.

Estimated Cost of Construction: $677,000.00

Services Performed: A/E and Construction Administration Services

Construction Administration and Design Services for St. John Electrical Improvements, New Orleans VAMC, LA (2020)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Bear Steele has been selected to  provide design services as the prime contractor for electrical and solar improvements as well as roof design at the St. John Clinic. Scope includes preliminary services, investigative work, planning, consultations, and site visits.

Estimated Costs of Construction: $800,000-$1,000,000

Services to be Performed: Project Management, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Administration Services

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Architectural-Engineering Services Contract (2018-2023)

Indian Health Services for IHS Facilities Nationwide

Bear Steele is a design team member on a Multiple IDIQ Contract for the Indian Health Service.  The contract provides for necessary personnel, management, supplies, equipment, materials, instruments, facilities and transportation and other items necessary to provide professional and Health Service and Tribal Healthcare and other facilities nationwide.

Project Value: Ceiling Price of IDIQ Contract is $10,000,000.00

Services to be Performed: A/E Services

Construction Administration and Design Services to Improve Smoke Damper Access, Shreveport VAMC, LA (2018)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Bear Steele provided design services as the prime contractor to investigate and improve smoke damper access within the main hospital, Building 1. Project consisted of a plan to create access routes to existing inaccessible smoke dampers so that they could be properly inspected, tested, and maintained. Scope included the provision of preliminary services, investigative work, planning consultations and visits, design work, asbestos abatement survey, fire protection engineer review and certification, cost estimate, construction drawings and specifications, construction period services, and site visits.

Total Costs of Construction: $500,000

Services Performed: Project Management, Architectural Design, Engineering, and Construction Administration Services

Chiller Inspection and Heat Pump Repairs

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC (2018)

Bear Steele provided all labor, equipment, materials, transportation and supervision necessary to provide preventative maintenance and repairs to chillers and heat pumps located aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.  

Total Costs of Services: $48,201.00